Life Reduced to Hashtags: #MeToo

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Note: This will be part of a series and later (Maybe possibly incorporated into a book lol!).

Despite my age (age 40; for each start-up that ignores my cohort I become more aware of aging) I am very in-tune with social media and thus by default the Hashtag lifestyle.  My concern with Hastags have always been that they do not allow for the full expressions needed behind the hashtag and they always die down as soon as they are established thus allowing armchair activists one more outlet and real change to remain illusive. Below is my reflection on the most recent resurgence of the #MeToo hashtag which ended up being triggering while not allowing enough characters in social media to unpack it.IMG_2257


If you grew up where I did (Kingston 11, Jamaica) as a girl child you would have experienced sexual harassment and or sexual assault.  This fact leaves me sometimes bewildered but mostly renders me a non-reporting “victim” sometimes through my silence perpetuating this misogynist, patriarchal reality that still thrives in multiple countries including the one which introduced me early to the ills that too easily impact people with my gender/identity. This #MeToo has me reflecting on instances only a few of which I can share because as one post online rightly stated “victims/survivors do not owe anybody their story”.

“Shi Ready Man”: These were a few of the words I could make out as I was being physically assaulted by 3-4 grown women while I was a high-schooler (about 11+).  Yes I said women.  These women were not ordinary and truth be told they fascinated me as I would go to school while they were still in bed and round about late afternoon they would alight from their hard rest and proceed to paint toes and do their hair, mostly while gathered on the sidewalk of one particular home, she was somewhat of the ring-leader.  They would jeer and provoke me sometimes (maybe others) if I passed by our stared.  They would be picked up in some “criss cyar” by 8:00 p.m. and they looked like different people by then. I would as is my custom give them “the nod” or say good evening after school.  This particular day was a summer day at about 2:30, they were gathered and primping and laughing and painting toes and they saw me coming, they stood up and blocked the full sidewalk so I tried to divert, to run to the other side of the street, I was too late! They grabbed me, each taking turns feeling my breasts, grabbing at my crotch and laughing, and in the midst of my horror I could hear them intimating that I was ready for the life…life of sexual activity I suppose.  I fought back I recall, I screamed, I cried and I pushed hands off me.  When I broke free, I went home and never spoke of it though bathing before dinner may have seemed odd to my aunt. I know people on the street saw and said nothing, I know they knew it was not funny and they never troubled me again and I never walked on that side of the street again.

“Nice Girl, jah know yuh sexy enuh”: This or variations on it is what I heard since before I had breasts (training bra size cups).  It could be heard from any man who had no concern for age of consent nor any inhibitions about trying to “get da girl deh”.  It became so common place in my existence that these actions; what North Americans call “cat calls” were nothing, I was immune well by 13.  I was neither flattered nor amused in fact I was confused that men who could be my father wanted to “get” my attention or more, while I was in uniform or on errands. I changed my comfort with attire when my breasts came into full existence and the man standing at the side of  the shop made me aware of it. I was not wearing a bra cause I was barely an A cup and I was not aware of needing one at that point.  But this man said “yuh titty dem firm eee… yuh can tek buddy now…I waan grab them”. I never left the shop so fast in all my days of going to the shop ( I have been sent since I was 4/5 yrs old), I forced my aunt to get me a bra even though she quipped “yuh nuh have nothing fi put in deh” and I stopped feeling comfortable in whatever outfits I used to wear that made me feel that my nipples or legs or crutch were exposed. Later men in the neighborhood would say “she gwaan like shi nice” as my patterns changed, I was not carefree nor naive nor did I want to linger on the street for the streets are no longer free for me to access. “A girl child aint safe…”

The “Buddy Man/Men”: If you went to our high school and had classes anywhere near the middle of the school which backs unto the plaza in the late 80s to early 90s you would have been unwittingly introduced to the “buddy man”, it actually became different men over time as it appears more of them found out that the all-girls school was there.  These men would get behind the plaza buildings and “jack off” by the fence usually during our recess and usually after being certain they had girl/girls eyes on them.  There was a period where they were less inclined because more vocal girls would start to jeer them and say things less than flattering to see if they could kill their buzz and when the jeering got louder our “guardy” would appear to chase them off.  This too became something that was almost a staple of the place, we mostly forgot about them but every now and then in your school year you would get that unwelcome live “dick pic”. I thought I was the only one who recalled this weird experience until a fellow alum posted about it on her Facebook and then the images rushed back to my memory.

These are only 3 instances of the unfortunately too many moments in my life.  I chose them now because they were according to my comfort and where I am mentally and emotionally.  I chose them too because they reminded me of how hurtful things became too easily normalized.  I can be catcalled now and not even hear it, unwelcomed dick pics are a source of more amusement than anything and I am more so amused when folks try to cast aspersions on my sexuality just based off appearance and mannerism.  Not knowing that my view of humans is perhaps more complex than the average person because as a child and teenager particularly I was not safe with any gender, so I had to navigate multiple techniques to not pre-judge every person.  Giving everybody space to prove themselves is a gift I often bestow from my castle of “seen it all”.  Be grateful that in my older years I am less hardened by experiences.

Sooo yes painfully yet not mournful #MeToo and a whole lot more.




Venue: Sucked; hot and bothered was the ambiance.
Parking: Lucky if you don’t get a ticket. The entry: security holding up the line and we are outside in rain, wristband attachment has you wondering if they are properly monitoring the door money.
Bar: one bar– I don’t drink alcohol so not my worry but when we went to get the crew’s drinks it was in need of organization and this with all hands being on-deck.

Clash Grade: B/B+ with explanations. Overall vibes was very good. Get better hosts and consider judging panel plus audience votes. (see below)
The Contenders: Northern Lights (Italy), Fujiyama (Japan), Platinum Cartel (UK),King Turbo (CAN), King Attarny (CAN), Poison Dart (Antigua), Platinum Kids (USA).

My Take
“In the end experience, music knowledge and a small dash of crowd bias wins.”

On a rainy night in the “six” a World Clash is the unlikely place to find me especially since I have not been attending clashes consistently for a few years now. But it is Irish & Chin and World Clash in Toronto, (because the latest champions are our own King Turbo). So I yield to the power of the culture and the coming together of all these moments. It also helps that in the age of social media over-posting I saw the promo flyer a few times on my Instagram TL and thanks to the consistent relevance of radio like VIBE105 (I have bias here for sure) I was able to get stoked/hype offa Chin’s interviews which reminded us of the culture and history of soundclash. As a yardie who loves the culture and appreciates fully the gift that reggae and dancehall is to the world I beamed with pride each time he spoke.

So first item up is get tickets and round up a clash-loving crew!! Sorry Irish & Chin me using PayPal to buy my tickets didn’t sit well (those who know me know I never trust “name at the door”) so I went to Lloyd’s Photography to visit the Iconologist (I was there when he coined this name). At Lloyd’s there were 4 Americans from NY buying 10 tickets and asking me who I think will win etc. They got me more excited ’cause their friendliness was refreshing and their commitment to driving in for a clash was praiseworthy. Tickets in hand… next it was time to ignore the more than 60% chance of rain.

Got into the venue in the middle of Round 1… (see cliff notes about venue)there were no eliminations in that round suh so wi safe. Clash time now!!

Who brought the battle?
In my estimation the hot teams were Fujiyama (Japan), Platinum Kids (USA) and Northern Lights (Italy) and of course King Turbo (Canada). Truth be told they all had solid rounds throughout the clash. But when you go to clash you want the “throw wud”, the battle the diss lyrics in the dub-plates etc..

For me and others in the crew, the team that brought it best was Northern Lights, their lead would inject all levels of feistiness with the song selections to match. Any observer can attest that with each round they got lots of forward. Now many will give Fujiyama props because after all they appeared to have a strong arsenal of Dubplates and in my view was one of the teams who forked out new money to get hot plates. But this is my blog so let me talk-di-tings; there is something awkward and inauthentic about this Japanese team throwing all levels of JAMAICAN bad words/badwud in the MCing and their mouths not moving in sync to the duplates they are playing …it was literally like my days watching Chinese Kong Fu movies when I was younger and wondering why the English words and Jackie Chan (The Legend of Drunken master) or Bruce Lee’s mouths were not in sync. Total different countries, language and culture but I hope you get my drift.

Where Northern Lights got the edge was that they took jabs at every team that were very poignant but never needed to even swear…that is some smart clashing. Not to be forgotten is Platinum Kids which is fabled as “just a juggling sound” but whose selections, energy and battle vibes was captivating in each round. The lead kept us highly engaged with his “bad man ism” and you could see the pride on my new NY pals faces as they made it through each round.

Notable moments or highlights:
**At one point (round 4 if my count is right) Fujiyama’s lead made some comment about he was going to sleep with the Italian DJ (who is female). Well when it was Northern Lights’ turn in the round with an awesome lead up they played a dub I will call “leave Michelle pussy alone”…bruh the place mash up!!

**Not so fun was the messiness caused by the MC Ricky Trooper who could not properly measure the crowd votes at the end of round 3 and 4 especially. This ordeal dragged on for a while. Chin from Irish & Chin took to the stage and in the end went with Zykes (Other MC) idea of a one song per sound to get to the last three standing. The outcome was accurate and we could have been spared that if a certain MC had his act together…just saying

**Special mention to Poison Dart (reppin Antigua), wish I knew why there was no JAMAICAN team?? Anyway Poison Dart got better with each round! This after being introduced as the sound whose island “wash weh” in the recent hurricanes. They were decent at selecting and had some good plates and if it were not for the Toronto loyalties may have caused an upset in the later rounds.

**That moment when Fujiyama played a “Maria Maria” dub on the original and then went into the Rihanna one (Wild thoughts) I couldn’t swear for it by the quality and crowd uproar but if a suh then money drop!! They also had new Jr.Gong plates.

**Hearing the diss Dubplates from each team. There were hot words, typical homophobic words and the overall rawness of the clash scene. So there were accusations that Turbo was either bowing down Toronto or sleeping with Shebada (per Platinum kids Dubplate)There were dubs about KungFu fighting as Northern Lights called Fujiyama imposters and MightyCrown knockoffs and more. Let’s just say most teams kept enough Aidonia, Bounty Killer etc. in the clash to keep us happy.

**Hearing some of the Canadian artists’ dubplates make it into the clash! Big up to Eyesus, Mr.Dockery, Blessed and LindoP in this regard. It was particularly nice to know that in going after the defending champs King Turbo some of these plates were played from the non-Canadian sounds.

The winner is?
King Turbo, got their second in a row World Clash title after meeting Northern Lights in the final round…tune-fi-tune. In essence this was a best of 10 songs. In the end experience, music knowledge and a small dash of crowd bias wins as Northern Lights admittedly had no experience with Tune-fi-Tune. The first 5 songs were overwhelmingly better from King Turbo…then Northern Lights had 3 good comebacks and then King Turbo went with a classic sound-killing dub and it was over. Not without awkward moments with Trooper saying the teams should go to 10 and Ricky Turbo in no uncertain terms stating they will not! Chin re-enters the stage to do the Thank you and the official trophy hand over to the 2017 World Clash Champions-King Turbo. The crowd left pleased with a good overall experience and what appeared to be a fair clash for all intents and purposes.

My last lick:
King Turbo is to be lauded for being the real conduit for us to experience World Clash in Toronto 2017. It’s a good look that they won 2 in a row. I do have a gripe…how do they get away with winning after playing mostly old dub-plates?? The short answer is knowing your audience and their 20 years of experience. If the clash was about Dubplates only … they scraped by especially in the face of Fujiyama and others who gave us some current Dubplates.
Toronto’s audience should get props too as their soundclash approach is not always lit! At this World Clash they proved mostly fair even forcing King Turbo to dig for the final round.
Irish & Chin should be lauded for keeping culture alive. Soundclash is an important historic element of Jamaica’s music scene and they have displayed respect for this history and a commitment to carrying on the tradition. Let us continue to support them and encourage them to do better with each year!

Audio for the clash:




This post started as a ‘calling out’ in my mind but is evolving with each key stroke. I don’t remember every detail of my first experience with racism on Canadian soil. Maybe because I was taken by surprise, maybe because I still had some of my “Island girl” cockiness where try as others may I still think I am in the majority (globally black people are). I remember it being in a job seeking scenario and being subjected to funniest scrutiny and lamest excuse for not getting the job. Later my encounters with racism became more poignant as my bubbles had burst and I realized that the Canadian society approached everything from an often denied Racism.

Calling Out:
Most Canadians have convinced themselves that all the Blacks to ever set foot in Canada came willingly due to the “promise of freedom” at the end of the underground railroad. This error is the first point of contention and probably major reason the average Canadian thinks there is no racism present here. This is buoyed by their belief that there was no slavery here.
News for you–there were slaves held here and most importantly the practice of racism is so insidious here it may have outdone the rest of the world. As Dr. Afua Cooper points out that slavery in Canada is one its best kept secrets locked away in the Nation’s closet (see-“The Untold story of Canadian Slavery and the burning of Old Montreal”). Anyway this is not the place for a history lesson, just saying the foundation is faulty.

According to 2006 Census there are approximately 783,800 people who identify as black, accounting for 2.5% of the total Canadian population. This 2.5% is significant because it appears it is the only percentage blacks are allowed to inhabit in any are. Quick examples black radio/urban radio accounts for 2.5% market share in Toronto, in more “liberal” universities black account for no more than 2.5% of the student population, of course realistically we are probably .05% (another day another topic), let us not talk about representation from TV to politics blacks don’t even attain 2.5% representation. I could go on and on but the gist is not only are we visible minorities we are mostly invisible in the fabric and psyche of Canada.
If we compare Canada to the USA we would shudder at the under-representation and widespread systemic racism that attends Canada.

So I say all of those items in the preface to say this.  Whenever I rebuff your comments or not giggle at your jokes you may perceive it as me being sensitive or touchy, but I want to posit that you may be racist.  If you start statements with “why does it always have to do with race” or “slavery was like 400 years ago why does it always come up”… or when you think nobody should touch your hair but mine is for the grabbing and the scrutiny, or if you give a black child the second degree when they are somewhere you feel they do not belong or you are not used to seeing them there, or if you think all the black persons arrested/shot or assaulted by cops must have done something wrong or to upset the cop or if you think racial profiling is not a negative thing because “its not like they don’t have a trend in certain communities” and I could go on but you get the gist.

I am thoroughly done with making you feel comfortable or yielding to your fragility.  If you only have ethnic jokes and have a “one black friend” and at thanksgiving will not flinch when family members complain about black lives matter etc. then avoid me please. Colour me sensitive!

I have tried not to write about this non-issue turned issue because…I thought first Ishawna would apologize or clarify! I then thought folks would move on because there are honestly bigger issues to contemplate than whether one I consider a cultural icon at the same level of Bob Marley was dissed by a young artist seeking further publicity. Then Tanya Stephens got in the mix then Miss Kitty got in the mix last night at Sumfest and now I give my take publicly.

Disclaimer: I love Ms Lou and what she has represented for language and culture in Jamaica and beyond. I call myself a “student” of Ms.Lou. I have had the distinct honour of performing her pieces in front of her in Toronto. I am a part of efforts to have her legacy known and continued.

Who was Ms.Lou? A writer, a folklorist, a performer, an educator, a producer, an actor and more! She was and still should be considered a cultural icon of Jamaica as her work spanned touchstones such as children’s shows, language recognition, inserting patois into popular culture, social commentary and more!

Did Ishawna diss her? My take is “why for you to shine I must decline?”. Instead of Ishawna choosing to claim her style over her contemporaries (Spice, Macka etc.) she went and dragged an icon. I can only suggest she is victim of “click culture” where history takes a back seat to the search for popularity. I can also be dismissive of her comments because she is young and apparently wasn’t raised in JA. So for her MsLou has likely less significance (something we can work on) and I could also see where after her track “Equal Rights” she must be desperate for another such hit or at least to remain relevant. I don’t see what Ms Lou do har or haffi do wid har seeking shine mark yuh!

But Tanya Stephens now come add another sauce to this already insipid meal. Tanya was vehement in her take on Ms.Lou; feeling “Ms Lou Neva liberate me”, “Ms Lou outfit/costume represent servitude” “we did talk patois commonly without a Ms Lou” “Ms Lou liberated the elite Jamaicans to speak patois” –to paraphrase and quote.
Now ladies and gents we have a full fledged cultural/social callout of Ms.Lou…what ah prekeh!!??? Now Tanya is admittedly old enough to remember Ms.Lou on TV probably with shows like “Ring Ding”. And while I have not enough space to determine what the costume represents (servitude or culture) I must correct some half analysis she is doing. In saying Ms Lou never liberate her to speak patois she is not being fair… for I too am old enough to remember being forced to speak the “Queen’s English” in school and daily life etc. And I am also old enough to know that had Ms.Lou not utilized our language (patois) in her work on TV in Britain and Jamaica etc. it would not have received this much acceptance. Did she liberate the elite to speak it? Mi love dem did always speak it tuh!

Her (Ms Lou’s) work was to get them (elite or other influential Jamaicans) to appreciate its significance to culture and identity. Aunty Roachie became the conduit character for her to critique politics, to situate language, folklore and proverbs as our inheritance of everyday sense and wit. Without a Ms.Lou we do not now have a patois bible, without her Tanya and Ishawna cannot opt to wrap the nuanced expressions which patois affords into the lyrics of their songs and have them globally recognized and accepted. I would even argue that Ms.Lou’s work had that impact on other islands of the Caribbean who were also seeking to “reclaim” their tongue (real regular folks have told me this much).

I am disappointed that neither of these ladies (and I am a huge fan of Tanya’s music) seem to understand what it means to have “Jamaica Labrish ” widely purchased. What it means to have Ms.Lou narrate the meaning and significance of songs like our former “digging songs” or the stories she told to generations and now have these available to be heard online or purchased etc.
In fact their criticism reeks a little! Like why you mad at Ms Lou? Wah she duh unnu? She set unnu back? Ya’ll are a bit immature for this one. Mi not a fan of Bob’s approach to women but I’d be damned if I diminished what his work meant for Jamaica. Similarly if Tanya and Ishawna feel dem nuh connect to the “quadrille” outfit that is fine. But they should be damned for seeking to diminish the impact Ms Lou had on our culture/language and further that impact having reached global proportions. In fact unnu can tek many a leaf outta Ms Lou play book to garner cultural significance with your audience.

I am happy this conversation has allowed all people who neva recite a Ms Lou poem to do so now. I am hopeful that this may bring a bit of a cultural moment/rebirth . A moment where we can honestly put our icons in their context, appreciate the work they have done and do full not partial critiques.

Honestly please let Ms.Lou rest in power!

Why do we prop them up?

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I have wanted to write this for years but I kept saying it with name calling etc. Here is the attempt without the names and expletives. Those who know know.

Community (I know we are fragmented) prop up folks and then act shocked when they show their ways. Like Amerikkka voted against their best interest so too is our vote of confidence in incompetence.

Some folks have a cool enough idea but you and I know they neither have the skill sets, progressive politics or capacity to execute but we rally around it, we support them and their idea, we sit in the bottom of their titanic. I sometimes hear folks say “well wi cyaan do no better”, “it’s the only one the community has”, “well we don’t want the shame if it fails” and more “I have settled for less” statements.

Meanwhile the person or persons are slowly but surely doing more harm than good. They leave bad tastes in artists mouths, frustration on visitors to the city, debt to overly charitable investors, contempt among community members, less political capital for the community, less fertile soil for those who would attempt to better execute their idea after they are gone and the list sadly goes on and on.

These persons who we prop up walk around with what I call “community fame” consuming praises and big ups like 5 course meals while all the while knowing deep down that it’s but a matter of time until their run is over . You see for them they have what they went after! You calling their names was already glory, you propping and protecting and supporting them was icing on an already colic causing multi-layered caked.

Who do we blame in these scenarios? Who do I dare call the imbecile? Who is the joke on?
I blame all of us who should know better than to prop up common con artists as businessmen/politicians/promoters/star etc.etc. The followers are the imbeciles. And the joke is sadly on the community as a whole.

Stop prop dem up suh dem nuh haffi mash wi up!!

As for me and my house ( mi one live), they will not be worshipped or even slightly respected or supported by me. I continue my one-woman campaigns and boycotts where I see fit. There are venues I seldom or never visit for foolishness, there are shows you will never see me attend, there are hugs and praises you will never see me give etc. #asuhitset #anypigsqueelahdemmilick #throwmicorn

Listen man… the finance minister in Jamaica had monthly phone bills in the millions $$. I know the dollar not worth much but $mil is a $mil in every country iyah.

It is fiscally irresponsible and he should be removed. You cannot expect to be taken seriously when addressing the country’s finances? No sah!

Moonlight and other Oscar thoughts

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Moonlight: I watched it and while it was good I am not sure we should be falling over ourselves to give it the Best pic Oscar.
If we get beyond the emotional and seemingly groundbreaking coming of age storyline of a black male (usually those storylines follow white kids) in the hood with a complex life and sexuality. The actual film was not superb. The editing in particular was my concern. At points there are disconnects in the film’s focus. To be honest it was like a patchwork of things we have seen before (enter Boys in The Hood). I do agree with some critics’ take that the film is beautiful for not granting the protagonist storyline a “resolution”. This is indeed refreshing in an era where everybody wants happy endings or I dare say endings.
Now, advocating for actor awards I have no complaints…every character was properly delivered (ok a couple bad acting moments but not enough to take away from the body of work).
Anyway it could very well win the big prize because every few years Oscar likes a quaint film that has major underground/cult following.

As for Oscars …this year they avoid the “Oscar so White” hashtag by throwing in the kitchen sink for black people nominated. Even while great actresses have to play fancy games with category entries so she does not go up against Oscar-fave Meryl Streep. But I am not slightly fooled… They did this token stuff before and awarded Halle for that ghastly Monster’s Ball when the Dorothy Dandridge film was a way better acting performance on her part. Be careful of tokens… Another reason I don’t need Moonlight to win. We should be able to appreciate films and critique them and be okay with better films winning.

To have this convo you know I am going to start with definitions.

Spectacle–“a visually striking performance or display”
Performance–“an act of staging or presenting a play, concert or other form of entertainment”
Presidency— “an administration or the executive, the collective administrative and governmental entity that exists around an office of president of a state or nation”

Now that we have established some meanings you already should be able to intimate where my head is at as it relates to what we are currently seeing in the 45th President of the USA.
As a former reality TV star and overblown businessman #45 is continuing performance and spectacle. It is the strategy that got him the office and that will likely keep him in it. As he fills our former news channels with images of himself incoherently (babbling really) addressing what he defines as messes and triumphs one (1) month into his tenure those of us with any modicum of intelligence are becoming increasingly frustrated or indifferent (which is worst).
But I must point out the deliberateness in this spectacle. If he is aware of nothing else #45 understands how branding, publicity and media work or react. It is bizarre to me who spent most of my adult years studying, doing and instructing in media that tweets would not just be features but now the basis of full content and worst yet tweets from a dangerous president. But it is not bizarre to #45 in fact it is going as planned. He bashes the media they cover it, he tweets disses they cover it, he speaks falsehoods they give it legs. You see contrary to a-historical new media consumer’s thinking the audience of your social media is not larger than the audience of traditional media (TV, Radio, Newspapers). The real smarts is to be able to double your audience by incorporating both forms. #45 has determined however sleazily how this is best done. Give them spectacle perform perform perform and traditional media cannot look away they must cover you. So for the past month of the presidency and the numerous months of the election campaign the Performer in Chief has won. Like an accident none of us has looked away. This is actually the bit that leaves me uneasy…how quickly we fall for or get distracted by spectacle.

Why is this dangerous/scary?

At this stage in our history we are in fact witnessing a strategy that is centuries old, that of giving the people what Roman poet Juvenal once coined as “Bread and Circuses”. Here Juvenal can be taken very literally and in fact the most confusion we may have is whether #45 has only given circus so far or both. To answer that…he has given both. Combining his rallies, promises and Executive Orders you get your bread and circus.

The entertainer in chief first offers promises and some dangerous/xenophobic rule changes to the hungry audience and then he overloads them with the circus.
The bread is multi-grained. “Saving” the Carrier factory, well kinda! Unprepared meetings with world leaders, veiled threats to other leaders, saying “America first” enough times. The circus is a multi-act multi-level spectacle in this case from “Declaration of Fake News” to “Electoral College celebrations over and over”, to “job saving rallies”, to botched launches of everything from Muslim bans to healthcare changes.
What is dangerous here is that “we the people” do not actually gain any new ground. Coal jobs are not coming back to to “rust-belt” heck I just reposted an article this week which indicated that China is halting orders of coal from North Korea this year. If you know how much coal China uses you would understand how big that news is ( estimate 200 million kg per year). Speaking of news this is where the danger lies…while the news reports mainly on the spectacle we miss the substantive news about what actually is real. Instead they aid #45 in telling the people what he determines as “truth”. Ignorance is our slow death!
Let us be extremely aware of what Juvenal had pointed out many moons ago. As we get caught up in his current performance of the presidency a continued erosion of what the people should have/posses is afoot and whatever pithy returns we get were already taken before.

I pause here because attention spans are shorter than my thoughts on this topic.

Grammys 2017 thoughts

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Grammy thoughts:
What #Beyonce did at #Grammys last night was #Art. The thing about art is it is open to the interpretation of the beholder. My interpretation: she was doing a tribute to wombyn and because she does the most you know she will show off like she the onliest one ever been pregnant and with twins and she is #QueenBee so hence the crown. She gave all levels of Enya-Dido-SarahMc…<–I crack myself up. Or was she giving us…Minnie-Eartha–Josephine since sometimes we forget what was stolen/copied!
I am a low-key fan so I am happy she took 8+mins of white Grammy time. In other news #Adele totally gave Beyoncé her award I heard her say she can’t honestly accept it cause Beyoncé slayed on #Lemonade as everybody says she “Kanyed” herself which actually endears Adele further to me. Yes we all side-eyed her comment about her “black friends” being moved/empowered by Beyoncé as if we didn’t know friendships are still grouped and segregated.
As for the tributes… Where do I begin? Grammys should stop picking folks who cannot handle the songs and in fairness said folks should stop accepting to perform. I wanted to weep from embarrassment at the #BeeGees tribute which was an epic fail in front of the last living BeeGee. The only tribute done well was #Time and #BrunoMars (the tribute whisperer) who were clutch for #Prince. Overall sound quality of the show was Shyte!
Best moment last night was the #TribeCalledQuest performance along side #AndersonPaak and #Busta and that #Consequence fella… #WethePeople had #AgentOrange trending!
Anyway back to work my fellow non-celebrity friends.

We shall not call his name

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I had to return to blogging because American politics has me all twisted.

There will be lots more posting I just want to say this much I refuse to call their president by his name. He went in to this with hopes of grandeur, a new title and a boost for his brand. I will do my part to diminish that. The Internet has many names for him I currently use a few like #TangTyrant #OrangeKremlin #KingCheeto etc.

The worst decision America has wrought on the world in a while…