Ahh Libya!!

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Thinking aloud
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This is just a quick note since a real discussion on this situation requires pages.  It is clear Qaddafi is delusional, he has been for a while.  However let us not be tricked.  Everybody was seemingly fine with Qaddafi up until this on-the-ground campaign.  It is interesting how now allied forces are moving in on the grounds that Qaddafi is persecuting his own people.  I have no issue with their reasoning I do question timing and real motives.  What is the plan?  Oil much??

Do we understand what is at work when the terminology “regime change” comes on the radar and in the media-scape?

Does anybody remember Sudan, Rwanda etc.?  The allied forces only move in where there exists a source of motivation.  there are numerous countries where despots are rampant and the allied forces don’t even convene a meeting to discuss intervention.  It begs the question, why Libya and why now?


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