Don’t take me for a fool

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Thinking aloud

Please don’t take me for a fool, not only is it annoying but it breeds contempt.  You know yourselves!  So you get up to your politicking, sure you have time on your hands and energy to burn.  I would too if I slept in until 2 each day.  I would too if I thought narcotics made sense in my life.  I would too if I was an asshole hell bent on destroying community structures either because they don’t follow my personal agenda or have more diverse persons than I am comfortable with.  You clearly have too much insight because we were wrong to let you in…

I will take one for team, in fact I have taken quite a few for the team…but please don’t take me for a fool.

When you are the source of stupid articles, minor attacks and stupid lawsuits.  I got your number I know your game, you being playing it on me long enough.  Consider this:  you can’t kill black and you can’t wear down the poor!  Wanna know why?  One word–Resilience.  What more do you take from a people who have lost it all?  Answer–Life!  Once we have life we have resilience and we will rise, surprise and seek your demise.  So Please I admonish…don’t take me for a fool!!


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