Posted: March 26, 2011 in Thinking aloud
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It took him about 50 years and two immigrant settlements to impact our world. From Brixton to Toronto, a man not lazy in efforts and very clear in resolve about what is right, walked among us. Many were called but he was among the few, enlisting himself in a lifestyle of tireless struggle against the system and the racism which pervades it. Many of his own said; “he does not speak for us” and later many more would say he did.
There would come a time in his later years when the toll of the struggle would become a bit much to bare. There would come a time when as a broken black man his ideologies would seem to lose their initial fervor. You see the life of a fighter is not simple or easy and because he is a fallible being even his admirers would sometimes disagree with him.
However the greater gain to Blacks in Toronto is what should linger in the legacy of this man. A man who dared to point out the practices of the police force which brutalized black men, a man who dared to organize in physical form (BADC) amidst low financial support and great advocacy needs. This black man made his mark, he made some things better which a lot of persons even detractors cannot deny.
Now as he rests we concern ourselves about the legacy. This ode reeks of pessimism amidst his optimism. There exists a fear that people will forget what he did. It is obvious now that the cases of violence among black men in this city smells of a different sort of brutality. The propensity of us, killing us means; when they kills us it gets under-reported and sometimes appears deserved.
Today when we see less Driving While Black (DWB) incidences, when we see more investigations (albeit crappy results) into police brutality and we see a black beret and a pan-African flag and get a glimmer of resonance, it may be because we are living the impact of Dudley Laws. This week it was proven that there are heroes among us…just unfortunate sometimes they have to die for us to recognize them.


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