It’s Crazy Season…get your vote on!

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

So Canada and the US now enter crazy season. This also equates to “nothing else matters in media” season. The revolutions that we were being fed daily will now slink into the background and the land of ticker tape as we gear up and they ask you to ‘get your vote on’.
The ride in Canada is much quicker (going to polls in May), has way less excitement and contends with so much apathy it is almost prone to a predictable outcome. So the vote now will be between a candidate which nobody likes for no really overwhelming reasons, but their party ignored the ‘hateration’ and pressed on with the name as leader, a candidate who people really don’t like with some really good reasons but who is consistently used as a means to tell the other parties that they will not get dominance again, and then a candidate who is a spoiler and loves it. Lest we forget the candidate who actually has sense but will not be allowed to sit at the table whether for gender bias or other fears (they may out-wit and outlast the others).
Now in the land below, there is some real craziness about to unfold. From Birthers to Tea drinkers America is in for a worldwind that costs way more than it is worth. Not to mention everybody’s not so favourite gate-keeper is deciding to run again.
Yes you North Americans will be asked to go to the polls, some of you will be pissed that you cannot tweet your vote, some of you will know your vote literally doesn’t count but will go to the polls mostly on the guilt that either your ancestors or the suffragettes fought for your “right” to vote. Here is a thought in this crazy season, repeated yearly by a friend of mine “if voting changed anything it would have been illegal long time ago”…

  1. Kevin says:

    My other favourite saying is “When you can make that pancake stand on end, I’ll be impressed.” I’m quite underwhelmed at our political choices in Canada. The choice of vanilla or chocolate as voting choices in Canada speaks to how far entrenched the world is in duality. What they don’t tell you is that one party will take you to hell in a hand basket, the other party will take you there in a shopping cart. Ultimately, hell is the destination, but most people are happy they don’t have to walk.

    The political future of North America won’t be decided by lawmakers and policy enforcers in the halls of government. No, it will come when the individual declares, decides and comes to the realization that he/she has been free all along and that no statute, bi-law or ordinance has control over him/her. A maxim in law says, “Let he who would be deceived, be deceived.” One day, people will wake up to the deception… I hope.

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