Let’s put some conspiracies and facts on the table

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Thinking aloud
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So on May 1st 2011, The President of the US announced that Osama Bin Laden– America’s most obvious/popular or noticeable villain is dead! Some people dropped everything for the announcement and spent considerable time of their night and day either glued to the Teli-vision or chanting like sports fans in the streets of America’s monumental cities. Currently anybody who does not believe Osama is dead or who do not believe this is the actual death but instead a staging for political means; have been relegated to the masses called ‘conspiracy theorists’. Being sometimes mistaken for one of them I thought I should highlight some items and lay them all on the table for discourse.
Osama Bin Laden—Been Dead, various dates have been given for this all hovering around 2002 to 2003.Where a considerable amount of sources say Osama Bin Laden died a while back but the U.S. has been storing this information for the right timing.

Here is a 2007 Interview with Benazir Bhutto where she speaks of his death and nobody bats an eye…

Sean David Morton and Alex Jones both have another take on this death rumour.  Here is Alex’s take who calls this a Hoax…


Outside of conspiracies, what do we know for sure?  Quick answer is “not much”.  If you do not believe everything the media says or shows then you may still be ahead of the curve.  Here is what they have told us Osama was killed (shot in the head after a helicopter raid) in a resort town of Pakistan. In the report complete with pictures of the compound there is an allusion that there was a moment where Osama resisted surrender and then shot twice…hmph! and then body buried at sea??


So conspiracies aside–Why would Osama (someone with considerable wealth at his fingertips) remain in Pakistan when Obama clearly said since 2008 that his sights are on Pakistan to look for Bin Laden?  Why is he shot in the head from a helicopter raid and subsequent battle?  Here is where you can depart–Is there a significance to his death to items like the upcoming 2012 election with a president whose ratings are in the gutter?  Is it convenient that the attack or kill mission did not have success until after William and Kate’s wedding and the beatification of the Pope (John Paul)?.

I dare say given that the body is now at sea and our realities are about to get considerably more miserable, all we can do is watch.  I have long given up on collective critical thinking, so I don’t expect us to question this for too long or notice the increase in fear mongering.  We the people will remain asleep and gullible, while these instances of “being had” go by.

One thing we know for sure and that we can all possibly agree on… is that you can only use a trump card (no matter the traction you get) once!


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