Why you should not get caught up with accolades!

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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When you get caught up with accolades you become less critical of the deliverer of the accolades. In my mind the source of the accolade is as important or more so than the accolade. For instance it is important to know that the source will be around for long after you received yours. It is why people are reticent to attend new Universities, they start worrying about accreditation and people’s impression of a degree delivered by a new school. You see the source of accolades needs credibility, whether it is institutional or street ‘cred’!
So why am I rambling about this?
Awards and award ceremonies are on my mind!
We are at the stage where we need to ask some serious questions about what it is we want from Awards. If we only want a fleeting moment of praise then we are right on target with the current awards scene, especially in urban genres. If we want to create legacies and establish a culture of nurturing talent and credibility we are not hitting the mark…in fact far from it!
I can say this much I am sick of being an observer of it and even a participant in it. I shall step away! Mainly because I detest mediocrity and my sense of charity has worn out.
Recently I was a participant in an award event and I watched as most of the recipients did not bother to show up or came late.  This group had me thinking “oh they know what’s up, they must have a question about credibility or usefulness of this particular award”.  Then I later observed those who did accept and they seemed to be  genuinely greatful for the accolades being bestowed in some instances they looked vindicated.  This two approaches left me in a quandary! For some the awards meant nothing and for others it was everything.

Both groups of recipients are in a similar situation.  For both, the question needs to be “will it last?”.  For in not accepting the award and yet it still exists with your name on it, what have you accomplished.  And for those who accepted the award will it be recognized globally, will it open doors or even windows for you?  And for both groups of recipients what does an award that evokes such a distinct set of reactions, mean for a city like Toronto.  What story does it tell about music/culture/art appreciation and their growth to the world?

For me if you are not at the very least asking some important questions you have not really started to take yourself and your career and hard work seriously.  Just as we admonish people in the music industry to “know the business” I would suggest we need to admonish them to “know the awards affiliated with the business”.  Consider this:  If you cannot launch a tour, get booked for a world renowned festival and earn real money after receiving or even turning down an award, what have you done??

There are more items on my list of ‘sever’ and they will be addressed soon too!
We gotta do better!!


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