Sometimes enough really isn’t enough

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Thinking aloud
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How often have you uttered “enough is enough”? I have run out of finger space to count my utterances. In my years it is relatively few, meaning hopefully there have been less than twenty moments that have pushed me to the edge. However now I am forced to ponder when was enough really enough?

Never enough?:
We seem to extend our experience with enough in our work scenarios. If you are a work-a-holic you can attest to enough is enough happening on Mondays, in fact we should probably call it ‘enough Mondays’. But then we go through the week and end it and return the following Monday. This cycle can go on for years if the company/organization will let it. So many of us roll through near “enough” experiences at work, wagering sanity for a pay cheque and then complaining with our other friends doing the same routine. Leads me to think there is never really enough sorrow on the job for us, never enough bad Mondays and never enough underpay for us to walk-a-way.
Family is another zone where the enough isn’t really enough. The oft told stories of married couples navigating the ‘bad’ in-laws can attest to this. Few people ever really walk away from family though, even in-laws! So is enough ever really enough.
Then comes the land of relationships–for women mostly enough tends to never come. We observe and endure havock from cheatings to beatings and the minors in-between. We tell ourselves each time the trust is affected or the hurt is attended that this is the last time–enough is enough. Then we walk right back into our messy lives with these messy people and enough isn’t really enough

I could say that we should aim for making enough really enough so we can maintain our integrity. But truth is– integrity is usually last on our list when contending in the land of enough. You see we sometimes have gotten so caught up enduring enough, not measuring enough, embracing enough that it then becomes never really enough. Truth is we want enough! We want enough pay for our enough work, we want enough family in our enough lives and we want enough love in our enough relationships. Real truth is there may never be enough!

  1. rampike says:

    interesting idea.
    i liked the last paragraph

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