Taking Stock: The realm of speculation and impressions rules the world

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Thinking aloud
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This entry is born from my frustration with the fear-mongering currently surrounding the “stock market”, the “economic downturn” and all the other items we are forced to watch decline daily.  As we watch, the average person like myself is being filled with anxiety while they have barely a clue WHY?

Now don’t get me wrong, we are living in some scary times and the threats are indeed real but I need to help clarify for selves like mine who or what are the real threats?

First let us take the stock market crash course (pun intended):

  • Stocks are supposed pieces of a company (shares) for sale.
  • The company trading only gets money from the trade when it is first entered into the market as a Public Offering (PO).
  • The stock market is where various investors (speculators) trade stock through a broker/s based on a perceived value of the company or worth of the share of the company.
  • The actual company does not engage in the trade because they are not supposed to have any monetary interests in the market (no gains or losses of profit for the actual company being traded)

There is obviously more to this but at least we have a starting point.


So now what I want to ask the average person is do you hold shares in a company? Do you trade on the stock market? If No, then you really should not be freaked out by falling markets. Well that is not entirely true! You see a lot of companies trade or deem the stock market a “good” investment, which also means they will invest your pension funds in the market. Now here becomes some reasons to “freak”. Do you know where your pension funds are being invested? If it is in stocks…well you get the picture.  However one pesky problem keeps re-surfacing; if your day-to-day living is not impacted by stock market trading why are we being panicked by the media, their owners and the investors of the world?

I submit that it is about control/domination.  It is about furthering the cause of capitalism.  I submit that the concept of Capitalism is based on speculation and impressions (and white supremacy- but I will come back to that), which works well with a stock market facility which I belief is unstable at its core. If the actual company does not set the price of the stock nor benefit from the stock being traded, what are we actually trading? IMPRESSIONS!!?? Who determines or speculates on these impressions?? If we answer this question, then we answer why the recession had to happen and we will answer why we are all screwed without our control.
Impressions have been sold before! They are not only the stock of stock markets but the basis of all relationships globally. Remember the impression that Blacks were less than human? Remember the impression that blacks were lazy? Remember the impression that whites (males) were smarter than blacks? Ok! I know racism is not the downer you wanted in your read but follow me ’cause these things are all connected.

For instance this impression that some people are smarter than others has led us to Capitalism (think survival of the fittest) and by subset the stock markets. Who is trading? THE SMARTER PEOPLE RIGHT??  Yeah, this “ponzy scheme” has become so convoluted (despite the ability to trade online) or tricky that you have to either have a business degree from an IVY league school or a certain level of language to even slightly engage in the stock market and worst yet be successful at it (ring a bell yet?).


It is the impression that a stock is good or bad which drives the market and the trades within the market.  The really sucky thing is that like most impressions it is not based on fact, but on ‘truthiness’ (had to fit a Stephen Colbert word in here).  So some guy (usually) speculates out loud about the value of a company and their stock and to add to it he and his cronies daily change their impressions.

The stock market is messy at best and you really do enter at your own risk.  If you are a control freak like me it really is no place for you, if you are broke like me it is no place for you and if you are black like me it is definitely no place for you (you will not be establishing your long-awaited generational wealth here!).  Who is the enemy I keep hinting at?  It is the wizard!  The man or men behind the curtain!  The group who forms impressions and speculate on their value, the owners of media who pretend to address the issue  while really distracting us with the panic and the participants who gain even when the market suffers a loss.  These are they who are a real threat to our lives, to livelihoods and global harmony. I would suggest we stop buying into the angst and get some KNOW-ledge!


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