If I believed in Soulmates…

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Thinking aloud, Uncategorized
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If I believed in Soulmates the person I would get, chose or find would…

The concept of Soulmates

Do soul-mates really exist? I have wondered every-time I heard the term, does such a thing exist or do people just ascribe the term to whomever they have settled with. It is not shocking that the concept has Greek origins, since I have always found that Greek mythology has somehow always surfaced in my life and acted as the bane of my existence (if you know my real name look it up). So according to a quick internet search–“The concepts of soulmates arose from Greek mythology. According to the story, our ancestors once had 2 heads, 4 arms. They did something to offend a god so that god punished them by splitting them down the middle, resulting in the creation of humans. As a punishment, we are condemned to spend our lives searching for the other half, our soulmates.” Already it starts rocky this soulmate journey, why are we forced/condemned to spend our lives searching for the other half? Searching is hands down a most annoying action!

Soulmate, Smouldmate just show up!

If I were to have a soulmate he would probably show up and hopefully while I am ready to receive him.
This man would show up as Honest, not in the “I don’t think you look fat in that dress” kinda honest but in the “I get scared sometimes but believe if we work hard we could make this last” kinda honest. The “I am afraid to let you in but really want to’ kinda honest.
He would show up as Ambitious, not in the I need an expensive car kinda way but in a setting and achieving goals kinda ambitious.
He would show up as Political! Not in the “I always try to vote for my party” kinda way. But in the ‘I am aware that even the personal is political’ kinda way. That his woman is that one that identifies strongly as black and female and Jamaican and some days African and will probably be too intense/passionate about any one of these on any given day, but he won’t need it explained kinda political.
He would show up as Happy, not in a smile once in a awhile kinda happy but a joy that extends beyond the daily grind kind of happy, the I won’t sulk and puff but greet each issue as a challenge that can be conquered, the I stop to acknowledge the roses and my blessings so far kinda happy, the I don’t have a short fuse kinda happy.
He would show up as Smart. Yes the I have read a few books kinda smart! The I appreciate education and KNOWledge kinda smart. Yes the I will work smart and not be workaholic kinda smart, where I don’t need 10 hustles on the go to make my life successful kinda smart.
He would show up as a Lover! Not in the ‘I can hit it good” kinda way (though I am sure that has its merits), but in the I embrace every orifice of the woman I am with, even the flabby, non-makeup-ed parts. In the I can just be in my woman’s presence and I am filled kinda lover. In the I’ll take my time to know your likes and dislikes kinda lover.
He would show up as a Partner! Not in the let’s sign a contract kinda way (though that may have its place). But in the I am not afraid to consult with or share with the person I am with on matters great or small. In the we have to work together at every aspect of this relationship from household chores to savings to purchase decisions to that awesome tag team that parents can do on their children kinda partner.
He would show up as Love! Not in the buy her a ring and plan a huge wedding day kinda Love. The Love he is would show up in commitment, in gentle words, in caring about someone other than himself, in not anticipating reciprocation but glowing when it comes, in speaking truth in the safety of our Love, in the letting go to be held Love, in the special wink, smile or kiss that others would probably miss Love, in the not afraid to hold hands and cuddle Love, in the wanting to shout it from the mountain top but whisper it in everybody’s ear Love!

Whether he is a soulmate or just a good man honest enough with himself to know when he is ready for me..he would show up! I am already his soulmate or smouldmate possessing all the things I highlighted above and more.


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