Will Miss Whitney Houston and the likes of her talent..

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I will Miss Whitney Houston from the music scene…in reality been missing her and what she represents since the 90s.  Whitney’s voice was a force.  I used to get upset when she would perform inconsistent with her records and now in hindsight I realize I was upset with her losing perfection (and by default her battle with addiction).

I have now in her passing admitted that while I loved Dolly Parton’s version of “I will always love you” because when I was younger I used to watch Kenny Rogers and Dolly’s TV show and that is how she always signed off the show, Whitney blew that song away!  I did not say it before because I felt it would take away from my views on Dolly’s version and I am known as a rigid music purist.  But Whitney saaaanngg that song!


Now with Whitney gone, Michael gone and the myriad others I have many an ode to good music.  It is gone, not forgot but definitely gone.  I can now only cling to the moments when artists like an Adele emerge but know that they will have much shorter musical lifespans. With Whitney gone, we wake up to the reality of the dying music industry where records don’t sell in millions unless by fluke or major marketing and where people consume everything in soundbites and 1 min clips.  Sad sad sad…and so I miss Whitney and all her talent represented.


R.I.P. Whitney Elizabeth Houston and all those who died leaving good music behind…


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