Gun talk…

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Thinking aloud
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This past week has been harrowing for many as in Toronto we heard about shootings from bar-b-ques to drive-by.  In Aurora, Colorado we heard of what is being touted as “the biggest shooting incident in USA history” (these statements are of-course void of a knowledge of history).  There is therefore no time like the present to talk and further to talk –guns.

If one feels they have the right to bare arms I wont attempt to dispute them I just wanna know what kinda war are they preparing for when purchasing 6000+ rounds of ammunition? And why is nobody asking the purchaser of these bulk ammunition the same question?

It has often been said that guns don’t kill people…people kill people.  While the statement sounds technically sound because after all it takes a person to pull a trigger right?  isn’t there something inherent in the mechanism of guns that are the bullets etc. Just wondering out loud!  What about missiles?  I suppose they don’t kill either??

We live in a society where gun crimes have become normalized through various mechanisms.  As a former student of media I could argue about the numerous violent images that the average child is exposed to before they get to age 10. I could wax prolific quoting documentaries like “Why we fight” which speaks to exposure of youth to gun toys; from water guns to G.I. Joe and soldier toys.  I could talk about violent movies which glorifies the gun user as victor from Westerns (OK Coral, Good the Bad the Ugly) to ____insert the latest action flick you may have seen.  I can’t find room to list the pieces of art, rap songs, dancehall songs, country songs and more which assert and propagate gun use. All of these I have no doubt impact the outcome of some young killers and gun users we have now! However I am more curious about gun use as political and cultural norm.

Gun Norm…

One of the tools of colonialism and now neo-colonialism is the gun!  The project of spreading “democracy” has clearly only been enabled by the use of the gun.  In numerous countries the fight for a political vote encounters a gun.  In practically every country ‘security’ is kept by the gun.  The “war on drugs’ is being assisted by the gun.  The “war on crime” involves the gun.  Are you getting my point?  Our day-to-day is pervaded by the use of guns.  It has become norm. In fact if you saw a police person in uniform without a gun you would immediately notice something is missing.  It is such a norm the youngest humans can identify and make the gun synonymous with their existence.  It should therefore come as no surprise that there are gun crimes daily.

Ending the Gun talk

It is irrational and almost impractical to expect that there will not be a juxtaposition of state-authorized gun use and other gun use.  The right to bare arms while selfish and initially racist in its motive must be called into question.  It appears that we are a highly delusional species when we seek to outlaw some gun use and not others.  How do we end it?  Be really honest and seek to do the most drastic culture shift in history, remove the gun from norm!  This is where I am delusional if I think that shift will ever happen!  Where fear exists gun use will much more persist.  I wrote because I do not own a gun, have no intention to own one but know very well that it would be no safer in my hands than anyone’s.

Editorial Talk-di-tings: Mi a watch unnu and this Gun talk! Each time a caucasian commits a heinous gun act we hear about their family background, their education, where they lived and if they did good in the past, then the whopper comes “it must be psychological”. I will not contend with whether the fella who committed the murders in Colorado was mad, for sinting wrong wid him fi sure! My contention is that whenever there are gun crimes by black men/sometimes boys, nobody stops to address their possible psychosis, nobody visits their family home with the intent of proving that they were once loving little boys, nobody combs through their school records hoping to see less than drop-out, yet at the end we get a whopper they must be Gangstas/Thugs! I won’t argue that either, but I just wanted to point out the difference in the gun talk! We want gun control for “odd” shootings but none for the “others”! SMH!!


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