The imperfect storm coverage

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

In a world of tweets and re-tweets, posts and re-posts we find the coverage of Storms whether they are Sandy or other, taking some weird turns.  Today October 28th as there is a clear and present danger to NYC of Sandy there emerges fake images of the Storm.  So whether these folks are Photoshopping or copying from movies like “the Day after Tomorrow” or other films the doom and gloom is in the air.  Makes me wonder strongly about coverage and the loss of Journalism.

It has been my reluctant submission that Journalism is dead (I could date its T.O.D. but let us just say it pre-dates the 2000s).  This death of journalism has renders coverage the realm of every and anybody within certain paradigms of course.  So in a storm setting we see small stature reporters hanging on to the microphones for support while the newly minted I-Reporters send along pics from their porch or Photoshop.  Meanwhile the media which have lost their News compass seek to be the first to post, re-post, re-tweet and “breaking news” tag these images.  Who determines that this gets a go?


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