The U.S. Election results 2012

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Talk-di-tings: I know it may be too soon for some because the celebrations and jubilation abound.  But I am a contrarian, skeptic and any other title I garner after this post.  1st if I knew Pres. Obama I would congratulate him, he accomplished his goal. 2nd If I could whisper in your ears I would say, stop being caught up with politics and politicians.  They are not for poor people whether through policy/friendships/partnerships or deeds and last I checked poor people are actually the majority. I would also whisper that every American President is in service of the structure and not the people. 

The Truth

Votes have never meant accountability despite what BOs acceptance speech says.  On a simple level it is doubtful how much this president can shift or accomplish with a Republican House (same situation as 2008).  On a complex level America’s problems were created by the impossibilities of capitalism and these cannot and won’t be fixed.

On a simple level the majority votes went to the nicer personality of the two servants of capital.  On a complex level the election was complicated because some people started to wake up to the fact that priorities and policies of both parties are not too distinct.  Sure Mitt is a job-killer/exporter and warmonger but Obama’s administration is drone central and wall street concession-maker.  Apples and Oranges you say??  So enjoy the merry-making but brace yourselves for solutions which will sacrifice the poor and people of colour on the alter of capitalism.


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