Grammys 2017 thoughts

Posted: February 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

Grammy thoughts:
What #Beyonce did at #Grammys last night was #Art. The thing about art is it is open to the interpretation of the beholder. My interpretation: she was doing a tribute to wombyn and because she does the most you know she will show off like she the onliest one ever been pregnant and with twins and she is #QueenBee so hence the crown. She gave all levels of Enya-Dido-SarahMc…<–I crack myself up. Or was she giving us…Minnie-Eartha–Josephine since sometimes we forget what was stolen/copied!
I am a low-key fan so I am happy she took 8+mins of white Grammy time. In other news #Adele totally gave Beyoncé her award I heard her say she can’t honestly accept it cause Beyoncé slayed on #Lemonade as everybody says she “Kanyed” herself which actually endears Adele further to me. Yes we all side-eyed her comment about her “black friends” being moved/empowered by Beyoncé as if we didn’t know friendships are still grouped and segregated.
As for the tributes… Where do I begin? Grammys should stop picking folks who cannot handle the songs and in fairness said folks should stop accepting to perform. I wanted to weep from embarrassment at the #BeeGees tribute which was an epic fail in front of the last living BeeGee. The only tribute done well was #Time and #BrunoMars (the tribute whisperer) who were clutch for #Prince. Overall sound quality of the show was Shyte!
Best moment last night was the #TribeCalledQuest performance along side #AndersonPaak and #Busta and that #Consequence fella… #WethePeople had #AgentOrange trending!
Anyway back to work my fellow non-celebrity friends.


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