Moonlight and other Oscar thoughts

Posted: February 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

Moonlight: I watched it and while it was good I am not sure we should be falling over ourselves to give it the Best pic Oscar.
If we get beyond the emotional and seemingly groundbreaking coming of age storyline of a black male (usually those storylines follow white kids) in the hood with a complex life and sexuality. The actual film was not superb. The editing in particular was my concern. At points there are disconnects in the film’s focus. To be honest it was like a patchwork of things we have seen before (enter Boys in The Hood). I do agree with some critics’ take that the film is beautiful for not granting the protagonist storyline a “resolution”. This is indeed refreshing in an era where everybody wants happy endings or I dare say endings.
Now, advocating for actor awards I have no complaints…every character was properly delivered (ok a couple bad acting moments but not enough to take away from the body of work).
Anyway it could very well win the big prize because every few years Oscar likes a quaint film that has major underground/cult following.

As for Oscars …this year they avoid the “Oscar so White” hashtag by throwing in the kitchen sink for black people nominated. Even while great actresses have to play fancy games with category entries so she does not go up against Oscar-fave Meryl Streep. But I am not slightly fooled… They did this token stuff before and awarded Halle for that ghastly Monster’s Ball when the Dorothy Dandridge film was a way better acting performance on her part. Be careful of tokens… Another reason I don’t need Moonlight to win. We should be able to appreciate films and critique them and be okay with better films winning.


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