Why do we prop them up?

Posted: July 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

I have wanted to write this for years but I kept saying it with name calling etc. Here is the attempt without the names and expletives. Those who know know.

Community (I know we are fragmented) prop up folks and then act shocked when they show their ways. Like Amerikkka voted against their best interest so too is our vote of confidence in incompetence.

Some folks have a cool enough idea but you and I know they neither have the skill sets, progressive politics or capacity to execute but we rally around it, we support them and their idea, we sit in the bottom of their titanic. I sometimes hear folks say “well wi cyaan do no better”, “it’s the only one the community has”, “well we don’t want the shame if it fails” and more “I have settled for less” statements.

Meanwhile the person or persons are slowly but surely doing more harm than good. They leave bad tastes in artists mouths, frustration on visitors to the city, debt to overly charitable investors, contempt among community members, less political capital for the community, less fertile soil for those who would attempt to better execute their idea after they are gone and the list sadly goes on and on.

These persons who we prop up walk around with what I call “community fame” consuming praises and big ups like 5 course meals while all the while knowing deep down that it’s but a matter of time until their run is over . You see for them they have what they went after! You calling their names was already glory, you propping and protecting and supporting them was icing on an already colic causing multi-layered caked.

Who do we blame in these scenarios? Who do I dare call the imbecile? Who is the joke on?
I blame all of us who should know better than to prop up common con artists as businessmen/politicians/promoters/star etc.etc. The followers are the imbeciles. And the joke is sadly on the community as a whole.

Stop prop dem up suh dem nuh haffi mash wi up!!

As for me and my house ( mi one live), they will not be worshipped or even slightly respected or supported by me. I continue my one-woman campaigns and boycotts where I see fit. There are venues I seldom or never visit for foolishness, there are shows you will never see me attend, there are hugs and praises you will never see me give etc. #asuhitset #anypigsqueelahdemmilick #throwmicorn


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